What Page Of Google Is Your Website On?

It’s 2023 What Page Of Google Are You On?

Page #2.. #3  or  Page #5

If you are, You might as well be on Page #111 because! Your website will never be found.

Yes! and even Page # 2 because most people feel if you’re not on Page # 1 you probably don’t have what they are searching for. After all there is 10- Businesses to choose from. What they look for next is…Doe’s the business have a 3 or 5-star reputation, and what are people saying about this business? Do they have many reviews?, And are most of the reviews Positive!? And do they care about responding to all reviews. If the reviews are Bad! they just move onto the next business until they find one with good reviews. So my two questions to You! is…

1. Are you on Page #1 ?

2. Does your business have mostly positive reviews?

If you answered “NO” to either one of these questions…We need to talk…Because your business won’t grow if you don’t get these problems fixed ASAP!… You’re in luck… I can fix this for you.

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