How To Update And Protect Your Word Press Site.

Hi Folks,

We all have to carry out routine tasks to every WP site like:

– Setting up automated backups
– Setting up site security
– Configuring a firewall
– Installing our preferred themes & plugins
– Running Word press & plugin updates
– Removing default WP crap & settings
– Creating pages & categories…

ALL Your WP Sites Secured / Setup / Backed Up & Updated – 60 Seconds.
Must Have WP Automation – Set Up, Secure, Backup & Maintain EVERY Site.

These are critical & bread & butter tasks for every WP site owner.

Yet all these tasks TAKE TIME… an hour + per site if you know what you are doing…And if you don’t know or get a little bit lazy… then you risk losing your site to hackers or killing more time learning how.

Do you remember back about seven months ago when I had four of my websites hacked and I had to rebuild them all…That was such a Hugh Pain in the ass!. I lost customers and profits. I don’t ever want to go through that ever again…Trust me you wouldn’t either.

Here’s how you can protect your Word Press Site and do ALL these jobs with just 60 SECONDS of work with this simple PC app….

Go here and see this crazy simple instructional video.

It’s the ONLY WP automation software that allows you to install your own Themes/Plugins right from your PC & configures your security & back-up for you. A must have TIME SAVING tool for every WP User… It’s on offer for the next few days… so don’t miss it!

Data Digger Don