Video Commercial Showcasing Your Business For Only $ 169.99 Instead Of My Regular Fee Of $ 300.00

Hey there, #DataDiggerDon here.

Look I know you get people bombarding you with messages telling you how they can get you ranked on Google,and if you you pay them only $ 7,000 dollars or more, they may or may not rank you in 3 to 6 months..! sucks right?

How about if I create a video commercial showcasing your business,and then ad “SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION” So customers who search Google for your business services will find you in the areas you cover…Like a 5 to 20 -klm radius in your city…Edmonton,Calgary,Toronto,Vancouver,ect.

And more to the point what if I create this video commercial showcasing your

business for Only $ 169.99 instead of my regular fee of $ 300.00 to prove that #DataDiggerDon is the real deal, and not some kind of all talk no action
type of guy…sound good? Great! Now here is the deal from #DataDiggerDon…




Time is money,so I can only do this for the following businesses, and only…

( 10 Businesses in total ).

1. Lawyer
2. Dentist
3. Doctor
4. Real Estate Agent
5. Electrician
6. Mechanic
7. Pharmacist
8. Plumber
9.Auto Dealership
10.Chinese Restaurant

Send me an email…Subject: Video Promo For Only $ 169.99

Get some live proof…Listen to a few of my happy customers.