Do you own a Restaurant – Pub or Pizza business.

Do you own a Restaurant – Pub or Pizza business.

If you answered yes! you’ll need to read the very important information below…


It doesn’t matter if you have a website online or not because! Somewhere on the Internet your business is listed in a directory where people are going to talk about your business whether you like it or not.

That’s just the way the Internet functions these days. “Reviews are now the life blood of the Internet”.

There are so many social websites on the Internet where consumers can voice their comments about your business,be they Negative or positive.

A review basically is a customers testimonials. Word of mouth is so Powerful I’m sure you’d agree.

Here is one of the most Important questions I have to ask you!…

Do you have the skill or time to respond to these reviews people are going to write about your business?

Below is some Important facts that can make or break your business.

65 % of internet consumers prefer choosing an establishment with many  reviews over an establishment with few or none.

45 % of internet users read other people’s reviews.

The fact below is so Powerful and Huge!…

79% of internet consumers will trust a customers review over a critics review! Think about This…That is so Powerful! and I can make this work to build Your business reputation online.

47% of all internet users 18yrs old have left a review online!

Customers reading these reviews are willing to pay more money for a service or product from a business with more reviews than it’s competitors.

78% of internet consumers believe and trust customer reviews more than advertising! think how much money you can save on your advertising budget over time.

If you avoid responding to these reviews your business will not grow.

What is your business worth?  Think of the costs  
these negative reviews are costing your business every month.

it’s like having an angry customer standing outside your business telling your new customers how unhappy they are with your business and why they shouldn’t buy your products or services.

You need someone on your side!.

So if you don’t have the skill or time to respond to these reviews people are going to write about your business…I’m here to help!.

I’m a Social Media Manager and I have many sizzling social media strategies in place that will increase the amount of real positive testimonials and neutralize the negative ones.

I’m very affordable and can offer you services for monthly reputation management. I will handle and neutralize any and all negative reviews,7 days a week,365 days a year.

Contact Don at  780-479-0859.

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